Amended and Reinstated By-Laws

As of November 20, 2013



a Nevada Nonprofit Religious Corporation

Article I

In accordance of its charter, the name of the Corporation is Highland Hills Baptist Church. This
Corporation will be further referred to in the Bylaws as the “Church”. The principal office and place of
worship shall be at 615 College Drive, Henderson, in Clark County, Nevada, or such place as may be
designated by the congregation. The Church shall exist for the maximum period allowed by the laws of
this state, unless sooner lawfully dissolved.

Article II

Highland Hills Baptist Church exists to glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew

Article III

This Church is autonomous and maintains the right to govern its own affairs, independent of any
denominational control. Recognizing, however, the benefits of cooperation with other churches in
world missions, this Church voluntarily affiliates with the Southern Baptist Convention in it’s national,
state and local expressions.

Article IV

We affirm the Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God, and as the only basis for our beliefs. This Church
accepts the “The Baptist Faith and Message” as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1963
and amended and reaffirmed in 2000 as an affirmation of basic Christian beliefs and as a general
statement of our faith. All questions concerning interpretation of our beliefs and practices will be
decided by the Pastor and Deacons.

Article V

HHBC church reserves the exclusive right to determine who shall be members of this body of believers
and the conditions of such membership.

SECTION I: General
Membership in this Church shall consist of all persons who have met the qualifications for membership
and are listed on the membership role.

SECTION II: Qualifications for Membership

  1. A personal commitment of faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  2. Baptism by immersion as a testimony of salvation.
  3. Completion of the Church’s membership class.
  4. A commitment to abide by the HHBC Membership Covenant and the Bylaws.

SECTION III: Designation of Membership
In an effort to properly reflect the membership of the Church, two rolls shall be maintained. These rolls
shall be updated periodically.

  1. Active/Resident Members: All members who reside within the Church’s ministry area or are currently active in the Church.
  2. Nonresident Members: Members who have become inactive as a result of moving out of the Church’s ministry area and have not joined another church.

SECTION IV: Responsibilities of Membership
The responsibilities of membership are described in the Membership Covenant.

SECTION V: Voting Rights of Membership
Every Active/Resident Member shall have the right to vote on questions, issues, and matters before the
church as presented in church conference. Each member 18 years and older is entitled to one vote with
the encouragement to seek the LORD’s will for the congregation. Voting by proxy is prohibited.

SECTION VI: Termination of Membership
Members shall be removed from the Church roll for the following reasons:

  1. Death
  2. Transfer of membership to another church.
  3. By personal request of the member.
  4. Dismissal by the Pastors and Deacons according to the following conditions:
    a. The member’s life and conduct is not in accordance with the membership covenant in such a way that the member hinders the ministry influence of the Church in the community.
    b. Procedures for the dismissal of a member shall be according to Matthew 18:15-17.

SECTION VII: Restoration of Members
Members dismissed by the Pastors and Deacons shall be restored by the Pastors and Deacons according
to the spirit of 2 Corinthians 2:7-8 , when their life-styles are judged to be in accordance with the
membership covenant.

Article VI

The regular meetings of the church for the transaction of business shall be held quarterly on such date or dates as may be from time to time designated by the church, and Twenty-five (25) eligible voting members of the church or 50%, whichever is less, in good standing, shall constitute a quorum for such a purpose. The pastor (or his designee), by virtue of his office, shall be moderator and preside at all church conferences. The acceptance of routine non-controversial matters may be passed by the congregation at any time. Church conferences may be called by the Pastor for any special purpose by announcing the same on two (2) consecutive Sundays before the called meeting. Should the pastorate be vacant, or the Pastor unable for any reason to act, then such church conference may be called in like manner by the chairman of the deacons or any Associate Pastor.

Article VII

The officers shall consist of a Pastor, church clerk, treasurer, trustees and deacons, all of which shall be elected by the church.

Article VIII

The Pastor shall be a duly licensed and ordained Baptist minister of the Gospel, in full fellowship with all the denominational agencies with which the church is cooperating. He shall be called for an indefinite period, unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of the call, and shall be paid such salary as may be fixed by the church.

The call of a Pastor will require at least a 2/3 majority vote by members present and voting.

The Pastor shall be the leader of the church in all of its activities, preach the Gospel regularly, administer the ordinances, function as ex officio member of the Deacon body and all committees, carefully watch over the spiritual interests of the church, organize and develop its strength for the best possible service, and be the administrator of the church organization and executive officer of the staff. Other specific duties of pastor are identified in the Personnel Manual.

Article IX

The clerk shall attend all regular and special church conferences of the church and take minutes of its

The treasurer shall and regularly audit, or supervise the audit of, the procedures for receiving, depositing, disbursing, and accounting for all church funds.

He/she shall serve as an ex-officio member of the stewardship/finance committee and provide regular financial reports to that committee and the church. He/she shall perform other duties as determined by the pastor and the chairperson of the stewardship/finance committee.

All checks drawn on the church’s funds shall require the signature of two persons from among those approved by the Stewardship/Finance Committee.

Article X

The trustees shall consist of not less than five members: the chairmen of 1.) the deacons, 2.) the stewardship/finance committee and 3.) the personnel committee by obligations of those duties and two or more shall be elected at-large. They will select among themselves a chairman and secretary. They shall have legal care, custody and control of all property of the church and administer the same under such rules as may be prescribed by the church. The chairman and secretary shall normally execute all legal instruments as may be authorized by the church. In case of their absence any two of the duly elected Trustees may execute legal instruments as may be authorized by the church. All instruments so executed become the official action of the church and, excepting the case of fraud, shall not be contested.

The at-large trustees shall be elected to serve three years and the others will be limited by their terms as
chairmen for their respective positions, but no more than three years.

Article XI

Deacons shall consist of ordained members chosen by the church. The deacons shall assist the Pastors in performing the ministries of the church. They are to perform their duties as expressed in a printed guideline approved by the church for the election and operations of the deacon body. The Deacons may submit to each church conference such recommendations as may to them seem pertinent.

Article XII

All matters pertaining to the call, employment, and job description of Associate Pastors and all nonministerial personnel shall be defined in the church’s Personnel Manual.
The call of Associate Pastors will require at least a 2/3 margin of eligible members present and voting.

Article XIII

Committee and/or Ministry Teams shall be established to serve as an extension of the congregation in the in the mission and ministry of the church. In consultation and coordination with the staff, committees/ministry teams shall make decisions relating to overall goals and direction of the church. Committees and/or Ministry Teams shall perform their duties as expressed in the current Ministries Guide. A committee/ministry team may submit recommendations to the church body at church conferences. The actual number of committees/ministry teams will be determined by the needs of the church.

The Administrative Committee shall be standing committee consisting of 6-8 members serving 3 year terms. Members may serve two (2) consecutive terms. Committee members need to be HHBC members for minimum of 6 months, faithful in worship, committed to the church’s mission and a faithful tither.
Nominations to serve on the Administrative Committee can be made to the pastor, staff, or any current Administrative Committee member. After meeting with an Administrative Committee member and accepting the nomination, new committee members will be presented to the church body at the next church conference for election and affirmation.

Article XIV

Any officer described in Article VII may be removed by a 2/3 margin of the eligible vote of the church at any time after both the officer and the church membership have been given thirty (30) calendar days’ notice of such contemplated action. Such contemplated action shall be in the form of a motion and a second at any regular church conference of the church.
Procedures for the removal of all other staff members and non-ministerial employees shall be defined in the church’s Personnel Manual.

Article XV

The property of this corporation is irrevocably dedicated to religious purposes and no part of the net income or assets of this organization shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer or member thereof or to the benefit of any private individual. Upon the dissolution or winding up of the corporation, its assets remaining after payment of, or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of this corporation, shall be distributed to The Southern Baptist Convention of Nevada, a nonprofit corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for religious purposes and which has established its tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Article XVI

These By-laws may be amended by a 2/3 margin of eligible voting members present and voting at any regular church conference, thirty (30) calendar days’ notice of such amendment having been given to the congregation previous to said church conference.



Church Subject to Biblical Authority on Marriages. Highland Hills Baptist Church follows the living, holy and God inspired Bible as God’s instruction manual for all followers of Jesus Christ, including all leaders and members at Highland Hills Baptist Church. The Bible is the authority under which we make all ministry operating decisions and all church conduct and policies must be consistent with Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Our church, its ministers and its properties exist only to serve and be used for biblical principles and shall not be used for ungodly, unbiblical purposes such as performing nonChristian marriages, even if under government duress.

Biblical Teachings on Marriage. The Book of Genesis shows that the Christian concept of marriage is based on God’s revelation of the origin of human life on earth where God declares that His creation was “very good” after He had declared that it was not good for man to be alone and He created Eve to make them complete as a husband and wife, man and woman. The husband and wife marriage relationship reflects the church’s relationship with God. In Ephesians 5, husbands are commanded to love their wives as Christ loves the church, to be willing to die for them and wives are called to respect their husbands as the head of the family, just as Christ’s body, His Church is called to respect Christ as head of the church in all regards. Highland Hills Baptist Church respects Christ as the Head of the Church and will follow only His teachings on marriage regardless of what any secular government might otherwise attempt to command.

Biblical Teachings on Non-Christian Marriages. Highland Hills Baptist Church’s policy regarding Christian marriage and refusing to accept any proclamation that same sex marriage is acceptable is based on the Bible’s clear teaching that homosexuality is sin. All sexual relationships other than between a man and woman married to each other are condemned in the Bible. Leviticus 18:22, 26:15-56, Romans 1:24-25 and I Corinthians 5:9-13, 6:9-12, 15-20.

Church Ministry to Those Caught in Sin. Highland Hills Baptist Church supports ministries to and prays for individuals living in any sexual sin, as defined by God, that they be delivered from their sin. Failing to repent from any sin and failing to accept Christ’s redemptive payment of the price of our sin will determine the eternal destiny of all men, to either eternity in heaven or hell. A penalty must be paid for all sin. It can only be paid for each individual sinner’s turning from sin and accepting Christ’s love and forgiveness, so that they are washed, sanctified and cleansed by Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit and be freed from their sin.

Rejection of Contrary “Marriages”. Based on the revealed truths and the perfect love of God behind them, Highland Hills Baptist Church accepts the biblical definition of marriage as a covenant relationship between one man with one woman in the presence and love and blessings of God and excluding all others. No other relationship is acceptable as a marriage in God’s sight. This church will not allow, recognize, participate in or support any other concept or definition of marriage. Any relationship between two men or two women in any claimed marriage, domestic partnership, domestic unit or other relationship proclaimed equivalent to a marriage is contrary to God’s Word, and involves the government throwing off God ‘s Word and subjecting society to judgment for sin.

Policies For Staff and Properties. For these reasons, and given the place of honor and holiness that marriage is given in the Bible, Highland Hills Baptist Church adopts the following policies: Pastors. Highland Hills Baptist Church shall employ no ministerial staff member or employee who does not verify that they personally affirm the truths set forth herein and agree to comply with the same. Any pastor or minister employed by Highland Hills Baptist Church who performs or participates in a same sex wedding ceremony shall be promptly terminated consistent with these bylaws for immoral conduct celebrating a decision to live contrary to God’s revealed truth.

Preventing Other Ministers From Conducting Ceremonies. No minister other than those in a direct ministerial employment relationship with Highland Hills Baptist Church or pastors or ministers who Highland Hills Baptist Church, in its sole discretion, believes that they personally agree with and accept the truths behind these marriage policies, shall be allowed to conduct or participate in wedding ceremonies on our premises.

Prohibiting Properties From Such Use. No marriage ceremony will be conducted at Highland Hills Baptist Church unless it involves a Christian marriage between a man and a woman as set forth herein. No event will be allowed on church property that proclaims or endorses the acceptability of any alleged marital relationship contrary to the biblical truths set forth herein.

Wedding Applicants. All persons desiring to be married at Highland Hills Baptist Church or by a member of our pastoral staff shall be required to complete pre− marital counseling with one of our staff members or another minister or pastor acceptable to Highland Hills Baptist Church in its sole discretion. No marriage or other ceremony shall be performed for any couple who are not qualified in accordance with our policies on marriage. The Pastor conducting the pre-marital counseling has discretionary authority to recommend to the senior pastor that in his judgment the couple is not ready for or should not be married at Highland Hills Baptist Church or by any of our ministerial staff members. The senior pastor shall decide, in his discretion but in conformity with these bylaws, whether or not the church will allow the marriage to be held at the church or to be performed by a ministerial staff member and will so advise the couple.

Right to Deny Applicants. Highland Hills Baptist Church reserves the right to refuse to allow any pastor to participate in a wedding or other ministry event at the Church. The church reserves the right to refuse to allow the use of church property or facilities to perform any wedding ceremony or other event that, in its sole discretion, is inconsistent with the church’s statement of faith and contrary to Biblical standards for marriage and with this marriage policy.

The meeting was duly held in accordance with law the articles of incorporation and the bylaws of the church. It is further certified that the foregoing document is a conformed copy that Amendment to the Church’s Bylaws.