International Missions

The Foodo are our adopted people group in the Benin, West Africa. They are Muslim and highly resistant to the gospel. Since 2013 we have been praying for their salvation and sending mission teams. God is at work! Foodo are coming to Christ! (See ministry timeline below)

Lana was paralyzed due to a stroke. After being prayed for many times by Samuel, our church planter, the Lord healed her. She became the first Foodo Believer! She is now an active part of the Ministry.
Church planter Guy is actively engaging the Foodo for Christ.
Beninese Ministry partner Marc Idjigberou

FOODO Mission Timeline

  • Jan 2013 Adopted the Foodo with the goal of reaching them for Christ. Began praying for and learning about them. We are the only church evangelizing them.
  • Feb 2014 sent a group of 6 to missions training in AZ
  • Jan 2015 Marc Idjigberou, our Beninese ministry partner came to HHBC for the 1st time.
  • Feb 2015 1st mission team went on a survey trip
  • Aug 2015 Delivered French Bibles (There are no Bibles in their language: they are educated in French)
  • Jun 2016 2nd mission team led English camp for students
  • Jan 2017 Distributed Bible stories on SD cards
  • Feb 2017 Began supporting church planter Samuel to evangelize them
  • Oct 2017 3rd mission team shared Bible stories and provided 100 lunches for students
  • Feb 2018 Pastor John Mark went to Semere; he also led a country-wide training for pastors in Benin
  • Apr 2019 1st Foodo convert. The Lord healed lana of paralysis which led to her salvation!
  • Jul 2019 4th mission team held eye clinic and gave our Treasures (hand held solar powered devices with Bible stories in Foodo)
  • Aug 2020 Engaged Pastor Guy to work with the Foodo. Samuel moved to another ministry assignment
  • Sept 2020 Two more salvation! A small group meets for church in Semere and three evangelistic Bible studies in outlying villages
  • Dec 2020 Pastor Guy leads 6 evangelistic Bible studies. 19 total salvations!
  • Jun 2021 Church building completed (See bottom photos)
  • Jun 2022 First Foodo Baptisms (one man, one woman, and two male youth)
    First Foodo Baptism
    Church Exterior